“What is the best exercise for me?” The answer is “The exercise that you will do.” I strive to make Yoga the exercise that you LOVE to do, the exercise that leaves you feeling calm and relaxed, yet energized for your day. In private sessions or friendly small-group classes, I work with you to create an experience that is as effective as it is enjoyable – reducing stress while improving strength and flexibility. My goal is for you to feel empowered and confident to take on whatever life holds for you.

This is what some of my students have to say about my classes:

“Kat is extremely knowledgable in Iyengar yoga.   Her classes run the gamut from challenging to gentle.  She assesses the ability of each student and observes as they progress.  Any injury or health concern is addressed at the first meeting.   She is always nearby to correct or assist with a pose.  By the way, her classes always have a sprinkling of laughter.  I hate to miss any of her classes and have been a student of hers for seven years.” – Marianne

“When I came across Kat’s classes about 3 yrs ago I thought “This is how Yoga should make me feel!” I said goodbye to weekly chiropractor visits and over heated classes that lacked proper instructions. With Kat’s teaching and sharing of knowledge, you feel valued. Her dedication and impact is evident as many students have been with her for 10+ years! Lastly, with her specialized postures and individual instructions to each students needs I am finally aligned in my rib cage, hips and spine….something years of chiropractic and PT stretches never could do. I am balanced and ever grateful for having Kat as my teacher.” – Kristin

“Kat is quite simply an amazing yoga teacher. I’ve been practicing yoga for about 5 years now and I started this practice with Kat. Had it not been for Kat’s knowledgeable experience and expertise in helping her students like me, I likely would have faded from yoga by now. However, due to Kat’s inspirational caring for all her students and her obvious knowledge and expertise in the field of yoga, I have remained one of her many dedicated yoga disciples. Thank you Kat for everything that you do for us! We are all so very fortunate to have met you! Namaste!” – Leo

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